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Agricultural Pest Control

The added value Pegasus can offer to farming and agriculture is peace of mind that pest control is being carried out to the highest legal standards throughout the year.  There are ever-continuing changes in legislation regarding the use of agricultural pesticides with pest and vermin control.  This is where Pegasus Pest Control can help.  We can focus on the rules and guidelines relating to rodenticide use.  This leaves producers like you more time to do what you do best.

Pegasus Pest control is a registered supporter of the Campaign for Rural Rodenticide Use (CRRU).  This body oversees that pest control is being conducted in the most environmentally responsible ways.


Farm Audits

All farming and agricultural pest control service from Pegasus is compliant with Red Tractor Assurance and Soil Association Standards.  A dedicated records file will be left in the farm office which will hold all necessary compliance paperwork.  This will include a site specific risk assessment, a pest control site plan, check list, qualification certificates, safety data sheets, etc.  Therefore the farm will always be ready for an unannounced audit of pest control.

At Pegasus Pest Control we know that there is nothing we can tell growers and producers they do not already know about pest control.  This is because we have all practised in the industry for a long time.  A passion for what we do is essential.  And we all know the threat to profits from pests such as rodents, birds, rabbits, insects, etc.  The damage to property and the spread of disease is costly.  Not to mention the lost time spent rewiring machinery at a critical time.  Rodents can also spread disease to livestock, such as salmonella, leptospirosis, and a range of other diseases.

Pegasus Pest Control can cover all the above to save you time and money.

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