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Residential Pest Control

Pegasus Pest Control will come to your home and make you safe from unwanted pests.  These can range from wasps, flies, rats, mice, squirrels, moles, beetles, bed bugs, ants, textile moths, and many more.   After our initial inspection, we will explain what will be involved in the treatment.  Costs will be explained before any treatment takes place and are likely to be less than those of larger companies.  This is because Pegasus Pest control is an independent local business.

After our initial inspection, we will explain what will be involved in the treatment process. We will leave you all the necessary legal documentation covering the treatment required.  We will also advise you on any measures that can be done to prevent the problem recurring and identify any root causes of the problem.

We aim to attend on the day of your call or at a time convenient for you.  Your visit can be in an unmarked vehicle if necessary.

Many pests can leave nasty diseases behind.  In most cases a wet wash with dilute household disinfectant can be sufficient precaution.  However, Pegasus can provide a deeper sanitation.  This involves the application of a fine sanitary mist which is capable of penetrating and sanitising areas which are otherwise difficult to sanitise.  This process is known as Ultra Low Volume Mist Application.

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